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Residential Property Prices 

Headed by Dawn, the senior partner of the firm who has more than 25 years experience in the field of residential property our property team will carry out all the legal work needed to complete the purchase of your new home including dealing with the stamp duty and land registry requirements.


Contact us on 01432 355 366 or by emailing for a detailed quotation.

An example of the typical fees we would charge are as follows (although these may vary depending upon the details or nature of the transaction for instance if it becomes unduly protracted or requires extra work to be undertaken that would fall outside the scope of a typical transaction.

Purchase or Sale of Freehold Residential Property

Marches Law fees:


Purchase/Sale Price                        Fees           

£0-£200,000                                            £945.00+VAT

£200,001-£300,000                                 £995.00+VAT

£300,001-£400,000                                 £1050.00+VAT

£400,001-£500,000                                 £1100.00+VAT

£501,000+                                                 Quotation available by request

Sale or Purchase of Leasehold Residential Property

Prices start at £975.00 + VAT

(VAT is currently chargeable at 20%)

In addition to our fees there are also various disbursements that are incurred. These are costs that we must pay out on your behalf.

For instance the usual disbursements would be as follows:


Disbursement                                        Cost

A local search                                           £99-£200 (depending upon the local authority)

A water and drainage search                  £9.80-£70 (depending upon the water authority)

An environmental search                        £67.50 (approximately)

Land registry priority notice search        £6.05

Stamp duty                                               Payable on a sliding scale depending upon purchase price and                                                                            location

Land Registry Fee                                   Payable on a sliding scale depedent on purchase price and specific                                                                    circumstances

Bank Transfer fee                                    £30 + VAT

*The usual disbursements on a standard leasehold purchase may also include a deed of covenant and notice fee payable to the LandLord or management company. These are usually set by the terms of the lease.


Disbursement                                          Cost

Land Registry 

            Official copies                                          £8.96

            Copy document                                       £5.92

Bank Transfer fee

(to redeem mortgage)                                         £30 (+VAT)

Estate agent Fees                                               To be discussed between you and your estate agent

Bank Transfer fee                                                £30.00 (+VAT)

(for transferring the net sale proceeds to you)


Contact us now for a free, no obligation detailed estimate of our costs and disbursements.

Additional fees that may be chargeable on non-typical transactions include the following:

-arranging indemnity insurance policies                                           £95-£295.00 depending upon complexity

-removing or complying with restrictions on the register                £95.00-£295.00

-dealing with shared ownership                                                         £195.00

-dealing with deeds of covenant from                                               £195.00

-dealing with certificates of compliance from                                   £150.00

-Drafting statutory declarations                                                         £195.00

-Preparing declarations of trust                                                         £295.00

-Help to buy ISA deposit                                                                    £50.00 each + VAT

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